When the Real Ones Flood…

16 November

I am grateful for canals to kayak in. 


Oh Europe and your intoxicating charm. Where would much of the U.S. be if Americans had always stayed on this side of the pond and not been tempted to catch a ship bound for foreign ports? The Vanderbilts would have had burlap curtains. We would not be drinking tea. And there would be no Italian canals in Southern California. But as it is, there are 2: Venice Canals at Venice Beach and Naples Canals in Long Beach. Abbott Kinney was first to recreate his vision of Italy on the shores just south of Santa Monica. How was he to know that Venice Beach would become synonymous with freak shows, bodybuilders, and, now, the homeless and the drug addicts? It started out so well…

Many things are more charming after dark. Venice Canals is one of them. Venice Beach is not. Venice Beach after dark is a good place to score some dope, get knifed, or step on a needle.

Long Beach is not much better. People check their life insurance policies before they cross the street. And best of luck finding a place to park anything bigger than a Vespa. But the Naples Canals, which are flanked by beautiful beach cottages, are fun to kayak. And I can’t believe I’ve gotten Blue, Neal, Big Mama and Nana Anna on the water. Rowing with a view. You can’t beat it. I’m not sure they are worthy of the gondoliers that some folks hire to paddle them around in a circle, but for $24 in a rented kayak, it’s certainly a different side of Long Beach.

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