Calgon…Take me Away from COVID

I have been at a complete loss as to what to write here in this space. As they say, that escalated quickly…and I found myself woefully unprepared – mentally, emotionally, and with regards to how many paper products we had on hand. At first, it was something of a joke. Every time we visited a landmark, it closed due to health concerns the next day. We chuckled over the path of destruction we left strewn all over Southern California. Of course, it had nothing to do with us, we were just lucky in our timing (and somewhat cavalier in our attitude toward the dangers of continuing to tour areas where others gathered). On second thought, maybe we did contribute to the problem. Maybe we were why we can’t have nice things.

But now I haven’t been in a store since March 12th. For almost 4 straight weeks, I have been nowhere except in my house, in my neighborhood, and in my car driving around for a few hours on the weekends. If you’ve ever read this blog before, you know this is killing me. I mean…not COVID-19 killing me, but it’s really, really, really hard. I’ve cried an ocean over our canceled cruise to Alaska, as well as the fact that we are supposed to be hiking Kanarraville Falls (look it up so you can share in my pain) and Bryce Canyon this week. Instead, I’m baking cookies, sewing masks, taking a million walks through our neighborhood, and watching a little too much Odd Squad.

I, along with so many millions of other people, am trying to flatten the curve without tanking my attitude. The mental health professionals are going to have quite the job security when this is all said and done. While the rest of my family thrives on routine, I am easily bored when one day bleeds into the next without some new adventure to set it apart. And I’ve done all the quarantine things. We went on a bear hunt, chalk painted the driveway, refinished a piece of furniture, baked cookies, purged the closets, spent a Sunday in the hammock, rearranged the furniture, played drinking games with the neighbors on Zoom, learned how to sew and then made a mask, drove through a deserted downtown L.A., and walked around our neighborhood, as well as the surrounding ones.

I’ve done a lot that was being neglected in favor of the next big adventure, including simply spending Sunday afternoons in the backyard. So, this time has not been wasted. But the uncertainty of it all is beginning to wear on my patience, as it is for many more, I’m sure.

So, I’m just going to use this time and this space to share photos of places that make me happy – from our adventures all over the world. Tiny corners of the universe that I love and maybe you’ll love, too. And, someday, this too shall pass.


The Flower Fields of Carlsbad are the result of almost 100 years of floral cultivation. Beginning with the seeds of the Ranunculus (which I have started calling the “redonculus”) flower, which was originally a single petal with shades of red and yellow, Luther Gage, and later the Frazee Family, harvested unusual seeds from the previous season and then replanted them the following year – thus eventually creating a multi-petaled, stunning flower. We walked through this rainbow about 4 days before the fields officially closed to visitors. And I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to see what man and God can accomplish together.


One thought on “Calgon…Take me Away from COVID

  1. Well, now i am totally jealous of your time in the West! Ranuncs are my VERY, VERY, VERY favorite flower and the totally will not grow here. If i had a nickel for every time I have tried, etc., etc., etc. This year I have two pots of them that i snatched up at Lowe’s the first day they appeared. I want to use them in flower arrangements. I want to have them all over the house. I want to see the gardens in Carlsbad. I want, i want, i want!! So happy that you got to get up close and personal with them. Maybe in your new mysterious assignment you will be able to grow them. (They get planted in the fall …)

    We’re all somewhat out of sorts over these Stay at Home orders. I describe it as “Retirement with Rules”, but it’s not really a joke. You are being much better than I am, and i admire that. I am still finding a way to go somewhere everyday – mask fully in place now – and will just keep on keeping on like everyone else. Your photos are lovely, so please keep them coming! Hugs all around.


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